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Scotland V Ireland Ticket Available

13 November 2014 - 04:31 PM

One of my guys has dropped out (family bereavement), so we have a ticket spare


Jock Stein Upper

Area 444

Row DD


Face value: £32


I fly up to Glasgow tomorrow morning (arrive 10.40 BA from London City), so will be around The Iron Horse/Alfredos area around 12-2pm. I then have to check into the Glasgow Central Travelodge (Hill Street) at 2pm. After that I'm not sure where I will be going...


If you are interested in the ticket then PM me and we can discuss meet up times/place/phone, but I am not going to trail far from where my lot are, so you need to be willing to come to me. After a few jars I just can't be bothered and want to relax and enjoy myself, be that with the ticket sold or not. i.e. times matters.


NOTE: Scotland fans only


First come, first served.