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In Topic: Messing With Your Head On A Friday

Today, 06:45

When I look at different images of the same dress I sometimes see it as gold and white and sometimes as black and blue but each image always stays the same colour. So it must be at least be partly due to how the image has been transferred to my screen. 


There can't be much doubt in anybody's mind that Tims and H uns see blue and green differently.

In Topic: Messing With Your Head On A Friday

Today, 06:39

Still it would be a cheap way to have a home and away strip as one. It would save many a parent a few bob or two,


And confuse the badger out of the opposition. Sounds like a plan.

In Topic: Car Keys -

Yesterday, 19:05

would your car have been pre 2005 ? reading up on it gives impression you cant do this from master key on cars 2006 onwards


Aye it was. I assume they must have changed things on newer cars then?

In Topic: Rosetta The Comet Chaser

Yesterday, 17:43


Ice with a really powerful torch?


Is there Ice that emits light? Or are you meaning some ice reflecting the sun?


Reflected light.


I was just trying to summarise the article for those who couldn't be bothered reading it. They start off by trying to shock us into thinking that it might be light produced by aliens but by the end of the article (for those of us who read it to the end) we find out what the scientists think. So, far all they can say is that it is reflecting at least 40% of the available light. They wont know any better until they get a closer look at it. If that figure goes up to almost 100% it will suggest that it is ice.


If it goes over 100%? who knows? Might be time to get the nukes ready. :yikes3:

In Topic: Jim Murphy

Yesterday, 17:29

Have the folk who are slagging him off actually read all his articles about the nurse?


If you have can you please tell me what you think is wrong with them.


As far as I can see, he is highlighting the hypocrisy and incompetence of the Labour party and the Record. He isn't having a go at the nurse. I am "astounded" at the amount of abuse he is getting on here for this.