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In Topic: Edinburgh Airport (Again)

Today, 07:46

I once saw a wifie count out her change before she put it in the tray then counted it again when it came out the other end. 

In Topic: Inheritance Tax

Today, 07:39



I didn't agree with Calmac Man at the time but now I do.


Does that mean that you think there should be no threshold ie inheritance tax should be paid on everything even if it's only £100?

In Topic: Edinburgh Airport (Again)

Today, 07:29

They've turned it into a huge shopping centre and got rid of all the seats.

It's not my idea of an improvement.


Airports are designed to get folk to spend as much money as they can squeeze out of folk. My target is to get in aand out without spending a penny. It's no easy but very satisfying if you can manage it.

In Topic: Baldy Bastard

Today, 07:25

Did she keep it well trimmed?

In Topic: Baldy Bastard

Today, 06:31

Can't see why John Law would get involved.


Unless "baldy bastard" has got a broken nose?