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In Topic: Orange Walk

Yesterday, 22:13


No shit sherlock. I dare say with the right technique and practice you could perfect it, perhaps using some wee tool to breach the skin after which with enough momentum you would get through no bother, much like after a balloon is popped. Who knows but he also risked a kicking each time he did it no doubt.


Plenty of wee tools on orange walks, right enough.


Getting back to the cartoon possibilities of your imaginative story though. I could just see him making it through the the first side of the drum but not the second. Being stuck inside the drum would over balance the drum carrier, causing him, the drum and the stuck acrobat to take off, at a fair rate of knots, rolling down the hill, being rapidly pursued by the rest of the band who had now broken into Benny Hill style chase music.

In Topic: D-Day On Thursday

Yesterday, 21:59

Nobody has time to issue a statement. They are all far too busy on shredding duty.

In Topic: Asissted Suicide Bill 2015

Yesterday, 21:55

I dare say there is a huge amount of money invested in keeping old people alive no matter how much they have to suffer. We are not even a religious country anymore so what else explains this?


I think it might be at least partly down to the practicalities of how to implement and police it. I would be very surprised if a lot of assisted suicide doesn't already happen, but how many folk get prosecuted for it? Maybe a lot of MSPs just shat it and are quite happy to sit back and let other folk make the difficult decisions? I am just speculating of course.

In Topic: The Vow - Delivered

Yesterday, 16:26


It was a slightly rhetorical question, but how does it work that if we put taxes up, the Barnett money gets reduced but it doesn't work the other way too?  Almost as if it made it impossible to vary tax rates at all...  Do you think they're doing it deliberately?


I don't know how it will work in practise. We won't know that until we see the detail of the bill. But I'm fairly confident it wont be beneficial to the people of Scotland. They can give the Scottish Parliament total control of income tax rates if they want, they know we wont be able to use it. We have had the power to vary income tax since 1999 but nobody has dared use it. The only time there was the slightest indication that we might think about using it, it turned out to be electoral suicide.

In Topic: Eu Vote

Yesterday, 15:54

"Do you think we should send the foreigners home?"