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In Topic: The Death Of Scottish Dialects

Yesterday, 16:40

I think Jan Molby and Morten Wieghorst are the best examples.


Steve McClaren must be in the top 3?

In Topic: Jermy Corbyn

Yesterday, 15:56


Nae bother Trigger.


Neigh bother.

In Topic: Jermy Corbyn

Yesterday, 14:19

Utterly pointless electing Corbyn. The UK and the Labour Party itself don't have the stomach for the fight to achieve what he believes in. He's by far best candidate, but these days, for every Corbyn there's 100 McTernan's.


You could argue that it's utterly pointless for them to elect anybody. The Tories will win the next 2 elections without having to try very hard. That means another 15 years of Tory rule. If your user name is anywhere near accurate then you'll be past caring by then. :lol:

In Topic: Jermy Corbyn

Yesterday, 14:14


Politics make strange bedfellows they say/




I'm pretty sure neither of them have ever claimed to be Marxists.

In Topic: Current Ssc Away Points

Yesterday, 06:37

You sure you're not mixing up the Poland game with something else, as it was definitely open to 0 pointers.

I know this because 3 of us decided to go at the last minute, and one of the guys in our group was a 0 pointer. The other one was on 1 point at the time, while I had 2.

We all got tickets through the SSC no bother, through the normal channel of going through the website during the normal sales period.

Don't even think the Scotland end was sold out that night. (And to save confusion it's the qualifier I'm talking about, not the friendly.)


That is correct. Anybody in the SSC who wanted a ticket, got one for that game. 3 folk that I know got their first ever point at that game.