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In Topic: Bbc & Gaelic

Yesterday, 18:18

Every young Welsh person I know only use English and view learning Welsh as a pointless waste of time.

I'd have similar feelings if I was forced to learn Gaelic in school.


I don't know any young Welsh folk who don't speak Welsh.

In Topic: Georgia Predictions

Yesterday, 16:33



I can see Scotland getting the 3 points over there tbh.....wont be easy mind....expect ye not to have many fingernails left come the full time whistle.....but i can see Scotland getting the Win



P.S I hope I'm wrong too :wink2:


Presume Ye folk kick off the same time as my lads do in Gibraltar............ill be paying more attention to the game in Tbilsi ,thats for sure


I still think that Gibraltar might sneak there first ever point off somebody. They got there first ever goal against us, so it's only fair that they take there first point off you lot. Not that I want to worry you or anything, like.  :wink2:

In Topic: Georgia Predictions

Yesterday, 16:30

i'm a 1/10th full kind of guy so i'm gong for 1-0 georgia, seen this shit too often before, migning pitch, weird atmosphere chasing the game and get hit on the counter. disasterville !


strangely fancy us to nick a 1-0 against the germans, had a dream the other night.....


Well, get back tae bed and come up with a better dream for the Georgia game.

In Topic: Germany V Poland

Yesterday, 16:24

If we lose to Georgia draw against Germany beat Poland we will have to go to gib and beat them anyone else see the banana skin


Aye, I think I just stood on it.

In Topic: Germany V Poland

Yesterday, 16:22

Unless we beat Germany & Poland...


And, Gibraltar.