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In Topic: Prices For Next Campaign

Today, 13:38



And if by some miracle we're still in contention by the last home game v Slovakia it will be a certain sellout.


Aboot 15,000, then?

In Topic: London Labours Penny For Trident

Today, 13:27

Not sure if it will catch on but it could be a good slogan.


Instead of making Scotland's taxpayers pay more, why not just cancel the renewal of WMDs? Seems sensible to me.

In Topic: Labour Must Embrace Englishness

Today, 12:47


The proposal in 1999 was actually to not bother with a 1p CUT in tax. So, not really the same.


If it was actually possible to only levy the increase on the top earners, I'd support this increase. As, I don't believe it actually is possible to do that, I'd not support it as I'm against the folk at the bottom being asked to pay more.


In the eyes of tax payers the overall result was going to be the same. They were expecting taxpayers in Scotland to pay more than taxpayers south of the border. That was never going to be a good idea. 


You're right the SG doesn't have that power and the "new powers" in April won't give it that power, even if loads of folk, for some reason, seem to think they will. 


It probably wouldn't raise a huge amount of extra money anyway, as Scotland has a lower percentage of high earners than England, which kinda tells a story in itself. And higher earners have ways to avoid paying extra income tax if they want to. 

In Topic: Scotland V England

Today, 12:16

I think Russell really has something a wee bit special(a bit like faddy if you like) but he didnae turn up yesterday.


I am hopeful that he will turn out to be a good player, but I've thought that about a few of them recently and it just hasn't happened. The one big chance he got yesterday, at the interception, he just panicked and booted the ball out of the park. Hopefully he will learn from that and show a bit more composure in similar situations in the future. A bit more confidence and composure wouldn't go amiss with most of the team.

In Topic: Scotland V England

Today, 12:08

Well as an ex rugby player in the 70s , 80s and 90s - that game yesterday was typical of what the professional game has become and nothing like the past. . Nothing more than glorified British bulldogs. Player gets ball, drives in , sets in back , another player gets it drives in sets it back ..repeat repeat repeat.yesterday was mind numbingly boring - hardly any exciting running/passing/handling. Absolute drivel.


I blame Sean the weatherman for that. They were talking about the weather being shit and I think that affected both teams game plans. Turned out that the weather forecast was just as shit as the rugby. :lol: