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In Topic: Car Air-Con Smell

Yesterday, 23:00

Dead moose in the vent. Happens all the time. The smell will gradually disappear as the dead body slowly gets dessicated. Nothing to worry about.

In Topic: The T A M B

Yesterday, 22:57

Who was the guy in the early days that took loads of photos of TAMBers on away trips? Hammy or something like that?


Cammy the Ref?

In Topic: Polish Fans In Scottish Sectors.

Yesterday, 22:52

Aye, you will be made welcome by the majority of us normal supporters. There is a high probability that you will meet some bawbags though. Enjoy the game and try to avoid the bawbags. :ok:

In Topic: Lewandowski ....5 In 9 Minutes !

Yesterday, 22:45

I honestly think we are in danger of overplaying this. Don't get me wrong, Lewandowski is one of the best strikers on the planet right now but cast your minds back to 2007 at Hampden against Ukraine, where we were up against a side which reached the 2006 WC quarter finals and possessed the then World Player of the Year in Andriy Shevchenko, who was with all conquering AC Milan. And we absolutely wiped the floor with them with Shevchenko's supply line being completely cut off. And we have survivors of that day in Scott Brown, Shaun Maloney and Darren Fletcher who will no doubt remind the rest of the squad of that day.


Poland are a decent side, but nowhere near the quality of that Ukraine side. We have absolutely nothing to be frightened of. If we can dominate the midfield and cut off the supply line to Lewandowski then we have more than a chance. In fact I think we'll do it.


Bring it on.


Shevchenko scored that day.


It was a great result but we didn't "wipe the floor with them". At 2-1 we were under the cosh for a long time until Christian Dailly came on as sub for McCulloch and dominated the midfield for the rest of the game.


Alan Hutton also played that day but Darren Fletcher didn't, he was injured.


Apart fae that you're pretty much spot on. :ok: 

In Topic: Brendan Rodgers

Yesterday, 22:05

 I have a suspicion that he enjoys the sing song more than the game.


Don't we all.