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In Topic: Is Jim Murphy Set To Tackle Nicola Sturgeon?

Today, 22:54

Just watched the 3 Labour candidates and IMO the only way Labour will get back credibility in Scotland is to elect Neil Findlay.

In Topic: Golfers Forum.

Today, 22:45

Anyone recommend which is the best course to play at Kinross ?

Got a Bunkered voucher to use and planning on going next week, but not sure what kind of condition they will be in at this time of year


I think the Montgomery course is the best one, but both of them can be quite wet at the best of times so, at this time of year they could be very muddy underfoot.

In Topic: 92,000 Snp Members

Today, 21:11

I wonder how it would work out if the SG just refused to consider private bids for NHS contracts. Those private companies could sue the government but it would have to be the UK government that they sued? Maybe? That could turn out to be quite an interesting constitutional stushy.

In Topic: The Universe

Today, 20:19

Does that not reflect the odds of producing life like us?


It could have happened elsewhere and produced life not like us?


I think it was supposed to reflect the odds of producing life which would have the ability to invent advanced communication technology. But to be honest I was only kinda half watching it so I could be havering nonsense. I also think (but I could be wrong) that he chose to overlook the fact that even if there are other advanced civilisations out there, they are likely to be so far away that any useful communication would probably not be possible.

In Topic: The Universe

Today, 20:05


He's crabbit today, had a wee dig at scunnered for not liking "the SNP" as well. Nothing a good night rest won't sort out.


I only asked him a couple of questions. Asking questions isn't a sign of crabbitness, it is a sign of curiosity.