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In Topic: Lost Ticket Replacement?

Today, 07:55

Its not mine I've lost. I've got 4 out a 5 haha.


That sounds a bit strange. How do you manage to lose only one. Are you sure they sent you 5 in the first place? I remember ordering 3 tickets for the Paris game and they sent me 12. Sometimes these ticket folk make mistakes.

In Topic: Mcgeady And Mccarthy

Today, 07:27

Is there an owl in here?

In Topic: Mcgeady And Mccarthy

Yesterday, 22:47

Look, all I meant was he's done great for us and I can't see anyone who will be pushing him out of the side anytime soon. Think he's there for the long haul, speaks volumes of our centre half situation if anything. In general terms, no I do not think he is a great player by any means, he's a decent young Championship centre half who has a bit about him, in Scotland terms I think he's done great with Martin and unless someone comes from nowhere unexpected or Souttar gets his act together I think he will be a mainstay in the team.


Aye, he is one of the best we have got at present and deserves to keep his place in the team.

In Topic: Mcgeady And Mccarthy

Yesterday, 22:38

Even Grant Hanley doesn't think Grant Hanley is a great player.

In Topic: The Get It Off Your Chest Thread...

Yesterday, 22:10

Oh yes, Id shoot these people.


Would that no just add to the bottleneck?