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In Topic: Pot Lid Loyal

Today, 12:43

Big crowd turned out to see them.

In Topic: The 55

Today, 07:42

I think Scotland is very pro Europe is it not?


I don't think we know that for sure.

In Topic: Should The Yes Campaign Continue.

Today, 07:37

Don't like the idea of "45" going forward. We need to grow to 60% to get this in the agenda and to be sure on the future if we are ever given the opportunity again.


I agree it needs a different name for 2 reasons I can think of

  1. It's a constant reminder that we lost. We don't need reminded of that and folk don't like to be associated with losers.
  2. It's bound to attract some Jacobite stuff. I know it's just a number but numbers do strange things to folk.

In Topic: Salmond Gone

Yesterday, 15:22

Why are people surprised? Salmons kept his end of the deal...impeccably. I wish him all the best he deserves far better.


I think he deserves to have his name spelt correctly. :lol:

In Topic: Salmond Gone

Yesterday, 15:13

He has stood down before. He deserves a rest. He has dedicated most of his adult life to this cause.