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In Topic: Polls

Yesterday, 21:27

Maybe they are starting to understand which side their scone is buttered on

Well how the fück am I meant to know what to think if the unionist press won't tell me?

In Topic: Polls

Yesterday, 21:24


What they up to? There's a notable lack of doom and gloom in that front page.

In Topic: Polls

Yesterday, 21:04

Looks like potentially SNP gain coming from Greens/Scottish Socialists?

And conservative.

In Topic: Paco Mcsheepie

Yesterday, 20:56

Is that where this place has sunk to?

Nah, he's just a delusional tit. Most of us are quite lovely.

Phart beat me to it.

In Topic: Paco Mcsheepie

Yesterday, 20:45

That is completely out of order.

He's got form.