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In Topic: Hearts - Ann Budge

Today, 11:23

Well done Hearts :ok:, an inspiration to all.

In Topic: Johann Lamont

Today, 11:02

Just put a small lump on Findlay.  The TU's can be blamed for Ed, but I think it could be them who keep Murphy oot.  

In Topic: Johann Lamont

Today, 10:24

Heard some unsubstantiated talk that Boyack is Murphy's pal and has only put herself forward to help him out by splitting the MSP vote....


Murphy has pals?

In Topic: Johann Lamont

Today, 09:42


Hmmm. Cant see it. I dont think Murphy would have entered unless he was sure he had shored up enough support to win. Would be damaging to his profile to be defeated in a leadership election. I think the delay in his declaration has been him securing backers.


I read an article by Findlay the other day and thought he was a serious contender. Heard him on radio last night and watched him on TV - he's nowhere near ready for leadership or the media profile. Sarah Boyack is probably the best of a bad bunch IMO.


For a whole host of reasons, Murphy is the best choice for absolutely destroying Labour. 


I've no doubt it will be Murphy, I was just saying that value is in Findlay if anyone fancies a flutter, he will definitely take the majority of the TU vote though.  Probably won't be a separate market on that though.

In Topic: Johann Lamont

Today, 09:28

If Murphy wins it will be the nail in the coffin that followed the bullet in the head that was Johann, and the brutal sodomisation that was Grey.