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In Topic: The How Of 9/11 Revealed?

Today, 14:08

Just google 'Rebekah Roth' on youtube.


Sorry, I can't take anyone seriously who uses the word "google" in place of "search". :wink2:

In Topic: 2015 Candidates?

Today, 13:38

ComRes poll of ALL Scottish Labour seats to be revealed tonight... Nerve racking.

In Topic: Cameron Morphing Into George Robertson

Today, 12:21

Good lord :lol:

Wee bit of Cove Sheep in there as well...

In Topic: Rangers In Crisis

Today, 11:43

Statement released today by Paul Murray in relation to the accounts.  States that the plan is to have Rangers "back where they were" by 2022...

That allows for the coming admin and liquidation I suppose.

In Topic: Closing Debate? Or Damage Limitation?

Today, 10:18

:shocked: There is no baiting here.Just factual questions to help you see you are being duped by this woman.She seems to have forgotten Labour for independence .Most have reflected on their morals and joined the SNP or Greens.it may be difficult for you to understand politics and its easy to get manipulated especially if you don't have the wisdom of the over 30's.But you have to remember what you say and what you "type " is how others will judge you and your credibility .You may have forgotten what you said others wont.
Flure is being kind to you when he says you are on the wind up.I think you are a daft wee laddie, but you will grow up.At least you have an enthusiasm for politics.But a word of warning .Do not make sexual remarks concerning women,especially high profile ones who are involved in front line politics.It can have a very damaging effect and not just to your social life.Remember you may be anonymous on social media but you are not invisible.if you are in a public meeting and someone brings up these remarks how do you think that's going to go for you.especially if they are members of the SNP.

Your assumption on my youth is inaccurate, but appreciated.

The sexual remarks were regarding you my friend, and with the greatest respect I don't think that will come back to bite me on the bum, so to speak.