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In Topic: Jim Murphy

Today, 21:07

What's the point then?

To get to the swayers, there's no point in standing talking to someone on the doors whose mind is already completely made up. Activists are few and far between for all parties and there's a lot of doors.

In Topic: Jim Murphy

Today, 20:34

He'll be banking on his canvassers doing better than my MP's:
'Knock knock'
Me: Yes?
SL canvasser: I'm here to secure your support for Mr McClymmont (sp?) in the upcoming GE ..
Me: I have no intention of voting for Mr McClymmont
[abruptly cut off at this point]
SL canvasser: Oh, you don't? That's fine, sorry for bothering you.

Standard practice to be fair. SNP canvassers are instructed to do the same, if it's a point blank refusal don't waste time, move on.

In Topic: Tonight's Ashcroft Data

Today, 20:21

Would there not be a chance they could get even better as people see the polls and want to vote for the winning side?

If there are people who shape their vote as such... They should be murdered. Violently. I'm talking ice Picks!

In Topic: Jim Murphy

Today, 19:23

How any right thinking person can be duped into voting for this man is totally beyond me.


Unintentional comedy is the best!

In Topic: Council Tax Freeze

Today, 19:21

Is it all council workers conditions of employment you object to or just the Chief Executives?

He specified 'workers', it's pretty damning. Hang him!