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In Topic: Trident Vote

Today, 13:05

So, the VP of CND abstained...

I did find it interesting that CND didn't even acknowledge the SNP motion, at all... In the slightest, not even a passing glance. I know they're focussed on February 2016 but a customary statement of "we welcome the motion for creating debate..." Or "the motion was a bit pish, the real debate is in February".

But nothing.

In Topic: Creepy, Or Just Being Daft?

Today, 12:51

As for the pictures, many people buying a house will do so with family in mind, seeing children will put them at ease. They will be viewing the property with a mind that it could be their family home, photos of couples and entire families will take away from the personal side of things.

The estate agent will have requested the child's photos remain prominently on display while others are removed. It's all psychology.

In Topic: Creepy, Or Just Being Daft?

Today, 12:43

I'm in no way going to take the piss Stevie, I don't know what you went through to get to where you are now... But that's probably not what some would deem normal behaviour. Maybe time to take a step back or talk to someone. PM away if you need to, you'll love me, I'm lovely :ok:

In Topic: Take A Bow No Voters.

Today, 11:31

So where did we meet Mr Scunnered?

Strathies at a Ted Christopher gig before the Wales game. Cove Sheep introduced us despite me saying I had no interest. He's a dick like that!

In Topic: Natalie Mcgarry Snp Mp & 30K

Today, 07:59

Lots of young and inexperienced SNP Westminster MP's are learning very quickly how ruthless politics can be.

Come now, if you surround yourself with an aura of sanctity which many SNP members and representatives have and then get found out to be a disgusting trougher, the fall is going to hard and ruthless. This has absolutely nothing to do with politics, it has everything to do with corrupt individuals.