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Yesterday, 17:03

Anyone on here got really low body fat %? 


I'm stuck on about 12% and can't seem to get down any lower. Would appreciate some advice if anyone has had a similar experience. 


I haven't trained in just under 2 years so I'm a fat bunny rabbit at the moment, but when I was training I was always at my most comfortable at 12-14%  Lowest I've been was 10% and I looked pretty good, but felt awful.  I can't really offer much advice tbh, P. Scouser helped me quite a bit when I was cutting :ok:

In Topic: The Annual Poppy Debate

Yesterday, 16:52

I'll wear a white poppy and get abused by ignorant morons as I do every year.

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Yesterday, 15:43

Not long now.

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Yesterday, 12:21

There was a university study a few years back that found that men who preferred a slender frame in a woman generally had a smaller penis than those who favoured curvy women. This was also backed up by the fact that Derekfaeglesga had to move to Japan to find a woman where he could touch the sides.

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24 October 2014 - 12:22 PM

people who have to be prompted to get their round in !

I see you've met Cove Sheep!