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In Topic: Jermy Corbyn

Yesterday, 21:23

Bollock Gristle was the affectionate name for him.


In Topic: Labours New Dodgy Dossier

Yesterday, 19:21

Case thrown out because of a badger-up by the PF.  Unbelievable.

Kicking Nats is not a crime... Seemingly.

In Topic: Jermy Corbyn

Yesterday, 19:19

I'm lucky they tolerate the likes of me. :angry:

Solidarity gualadair :ok:

In Topic: Jermy Corbyn

Yesterday, 19:11

I'll think you'll find that position is filled by me. Way before Scunnered was on the board.

I do love a bandwagon!

In Topic: Jermy Corbyn

Yesterday, 18:32

That the SNP have mass popular support which looks like its growing day on day and shows no sign of stopping any time soon.   Not only do none of the other parties look capable of challenging them, they don't even look like they have a clue where to start.

Agreed. That's a reasonable summary.