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In Topic: Croatia In Trouble Again

Today, 14:43

Scunnered born in Serbia?

Now THERE is a wonderful country full of some of the friendliest people I've ever met.

In Topic: Croatia In Trouble Again

Today, 13:52

For me, these posts are on a par with drawing swastikas.


No one cares what you think.


exactly, those posts are racist


No they're not.

In Topic: Inheritance Tax

Today, 11:31

Dead people don't pay taxes. Inheritance Tax is a tax un unearned income.

They vote if some paranoid chaps and chapettes are to be believed...

In Topic: Titp - Strathallan Castle

Today, 10:32

Who the badger are 'Avicii'? are they really better than the Libertines?



Haven't heard them, but almost certainly will be.


It's yon DJ fella who done the:


"Wake me up when it's all over" and "heeeeeeeeey brother" country type sounding songs.  Not my cup of tea but the kids seem to like it. 


The Libertines should be put down for crimes against music, and then again for crimes against humanity, and then a third time for being really fuckin' ugly.

In Topic: Orange Walk

Today, 10:09

I've just had a prime view of them marchin' doon the Broomielaw. There was a lassies' flute band - I've not seen that before.


SEE!!!  Progressive!