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Yesterday, 18:30

The way the fbi work with these cases is they go for the medium guys and then offer them reduced sentences for testimonies and evidence against the guy they want. It's how they took down the mafia dons.

I'll be very suprised if batter hasn't flew to country with poor relations with the US in the next few days.

Apparently none of the Swiss FIFA officials are allowed to leave the country.

In Topic: David Templeton

Yesterday, 18:23

I'm not sure we did pay the 100% full price. I seem to remember we offered to pay a discounted sum in one go rather than the originally agreed fee as Hearts needed the cash.
I can't honestly remember what the final outcome was.
I'm sure one of the many obsessed non Rangers fans will be along shortly with all the facts and figures though.

Yeah that's he way I remember it, was paid in two installments and the second one of around £500k was paid several months early for a 100k discount as we were desperate for cash to see us through to the end of the season

In Topic: Europa League Final - Seville V Dnipro Predictions

Yesterday, 17:33

I fancy Dnipro to win

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Yesterday, 13:56

casey777 100% trustworthy thumbs up from me :ok:


i dunno, he is from Blair :yikes3:

In Topic: David Templeton

26 May 2015 - 05:43 PM

Templeton was fantastic for hearts in the first half of the 2011/12 season and was getting touted for a call up around Christmas time. Went to his head and was out of the team later that season and didn't even play in that cup final at the end of that season.
Don't think there were too many hearts fans upset at the club taking the money on offer for him.