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In Topic: Celtic V Aberdeen

Yesterday, 20:50

Don't worry. Hearts got it big time when we hammered them a few months ago.
Oh how we laughed

Really? Can't say I noticed?
I did notice all the damage your wonderful fans left the following week when I sat in the roseburn

In Topic: Falkirk V Newcastle B

Yesterday, 20:15

very good parky

In Topic: Falkirk V Newcastle B

Yesterday, 19:54

Come on the bairns

In Topic: Alex Mowatt

Yesterday, 19:45

I wonder how or what defines true Scottishness? Is it just that they were born in Scotland and that ensures their undying devotion to the cause? Of course not. There have been many Scots-born players to play for us who have let us down or quit the national team or just shown a rank bad attitude so being Scottish born is no guarantee of 100% commitment or desire to play for us.
I have a nephew born in England but brought up by his Scottish dad and he is a committed Scotland supporter who shows great devotion to our national team - perhaps a good deal more than Scots who couldn't give a toss about the national side. Scottishness you see cannot be just defined as because they are born here they are purely committed to our country and reverse can be said for those not born here who do end up playing for us.

Indeed I was 3 months way from being born in england but luckily enough my edinburgh born dad got transferred North just in time.
My English born wife whose maiden name is Mowatt thinks this it would be great if he was called up

In Topic: What's Going On At Kiltwalk

Yesterday, 10:46

Sounds a bit dodgy, caught with thier fingers in the till?


As there is no legislation in place to say X% msut be passed onto the charities, they are not doing anything illegal.


But is it moral? The charities certainly DON'T think so.


I also have a problem with people going on a sponsored walk E.g. " To walk the  great wall of china ". Who is paying for your transport to China ?


Is it coming out of the sponsorship money? You are getting a nice wee holiday and an expeirence of a life time.


That also sounds too commercial for my liking.


100% of money raised should go to the charity.


End of.


Think they have to raise £3k whether through sponsorship or paying a chunk of it themselves.


Deceided to do the Loch Ness Marathon and raise money for the Sunshine Appeal instead of doing a kiltwalk last year.

If its £200 minimum sponsorship again  then i will probably be doing the same again this year