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In Topic: What's The Best Currency To Use

Today, 14:38


Think its 2 Packs of Marlboro Lights to the Levi Jeans......


and 100 levi's to a Lada 

In Topic: Northern Ireland In March

Today, 11:48

Tbf, we should beat N.Ireland and not far to travel for their fans. Looking at the ranking tables, NI are 43rd so a win would be quite worthwhile. 

Yeah I reckon their ranking will improve by the time we play them given their recent results so it's probably a decent tie to improve our seeding for the World Cup 2018 draw in July 2015

In Topic: 2/1 Rangers On Betfair

Yesterday, 19:06

12.45 I think


In Topic: Hearts Vs Rangers

Yesterday, 16:53


I would take a draw right now


i probably would as well

Hopefully Sow, Wilson and Buaben make it then i would be more confident of a win 

In Topic: Hoolies

Yesterday, 13:07

 Won't be much singing against Gibraltar unless the school weans learn a few songs!! :-))

If the SFA give out 10,000 of those mini trumpets that always do my head in at under 21 games you wont be able to hear the singing anyway