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Today, 20:06

It wasn't that long ago people were boycotting the Gibraltar game. Now they are desperate to get a ticket to see Gibraltar.  :D

Indeed, I wonder if they would boycott the game if the tickets were priced at 50 euros

In Topic: Week Of Football - No No No No No

Today, 13:10

Yep and the old chesnut about the school holidays! Blah blah!! Yep we get lots and Im very grateful for that however as a football supporter with a love of my national team and wanting to travel away you just can't end of. I cant just say ok I fancy going to this game on a Tues so ill take the day off. We get 7 weeks off in June when there is no blooming football! Thats what this is all about after all!

I thought it was the start of July when you get your holidays which will be a bit of a pisser if scotland qualify for France.

In Topic: Sam Nicholson

Today, 11:43

just turned down £250k for McGhee from Ipswich


Paterson needs to work more on his defensive side, he gets caught napping a lot, like for the 3rd goal on Sunday.

In Topic: Week Of Football - No No No No No

Today, 09:56

Yeah, it is. I was more taking the pish out of the "childcare" and "i can't take holidays whenever i want" (from someone who gets approx. 10 weeks off a year) complaints.

It's more like 13 weeks off

In Topic: Scotland Players In Action

Yesterday, 18:22

Definitely a future Scotland player. I was really impressed with Jamie Walker as well.

Big season for both of them, Paterson in particular has matured so much over the last 12 months