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In Topic: Ryan Stevenson

Yesterday, 22:44

Hearts fans what is this guys best position


about 25 yards from the Famous 5-1 stand eh Dan



seriously though probably attacking midfielder, wasn't great for us up top on his own and glad we are rid of him TBH 

In Topic: Rangers In Crisis

Yesterday, 13:00


In Topic: Arthur Montford.

Yesterday, 12:59

In Topic: Singing Amongst Home Fans

Yesterday, 12:10

"I see a little Shaun Maloney of a man..."


Scotty Brown, Scotty Brown will you do a rabona 

Thunderbolt and lightening, Caldwell brothers fightnin' me

Stevie Fletcher, Darren Fletcher

Stevie Fletcher, Darren Fletcher

Stevie Fletcher score a goal .....magnifico o o o o 

ok i will get my coat  :yikes3:

In Topic: 2018 Qualification Groupings

Yesterday, 10:28

interesting our current group

we were pot 4 weren't we?

currently Poland, Ireland and Georgia have all slipped down a pot