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In Topic: October 2004

Yesterday, 19:58

I had a great time there, our charter was delayed for hours and hours on the way out which had us sitting in edinburgh aurport and cut our time short, if we draw them again I would have no hesitation in going back.

In Topic: Would Scotland Be As Good As Iceland With A Similar Population?

Yesterday, 19:25

Ian black, danny wilson and Kenny miller from Edinburgh and er Garry o'connor
As well as strachan for the manager

In Topic: Definite Game Location

Yesterday, 10:28

Rumours are the stadium does not a a valid safety certificate.



surely a modern stadium built ten years ago would be able to get a safety certificate.

One thing that might let it down would be the temporary stands behind each goal which did not look all that safe when i was there and i am surprised they are still standing ten years later.

In Topic: Serbia V Albania

Yesterday, 08:45



serbia awarded 3 points and docked 3 points 

In Topic: Scotland Flags

23 October 2014 - 08:20 AM

how much does a flag like that cost? couple of hundred quid?