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In Topic: Haggis Dishes

Yesterday, 19:58

Never really been a fan of haggis but I was out in Grange-over-Sands (Cumbria) on Friday, and this looked the mutt's nuts - it was superb.
(FTR: it may well have been Rover's gonads but it was nice all the same.)

It's called Balmoral Chicken.

In Topic: Pies

Yesterday, 17:07

Its years since I've had a macaroni pie, do you still get them ?

Aye, some fitba grounds even sell them. I know there was an outrage last year when Greggs stopped selling them.

In Topic: Big Allocation?

Yesterday, 17:02

No mate, just looking out for my fellow fans.

:ok: see you in Malta

In Topic: March/ May Friendlies

Yesterday, 12:46

Really ? Are we still seen as attractive & competitive opposition ?


In Topic: March/ May Friendlies

Yesterday, 09:33

The SFA will wait until Euro draw on 12th December when there will be no shortage of offers to play us.