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In Topic: Football Sunday 15

Today, 12:54

I was really impressed with Falkirk's, and Killie's looks good.
Not so sure about Hamilton though.

Aye, pitches at the Falkirk Stadium were terrible before we installed the 4G.

In Topic: Football Sunday 15

Today, 12:45

Park looks brutal.

4G pitches are the way ahead for Scottish fitba :ok: Unless we switch to summer fitba

In Topic: Is My Tv Knackered?

Today, 10:06

They do look crackin' but you'll have nothing to watch for a couple of years in which time the telly will depreciate faster than a new car.

Was thinking that myself, but there is not much difference in the price of an HD or UHD curved tv.

In Topic: Is My Tv Knackered?

Yesterday, 12:58

Anyone got any new TV recommendations? Looking at the Samsung 65" UHD curved models.

In Topic: New Mobile Phone Recommendations

Yesterday, 08:12

I've got the S5 and it's great. My first ever contract phone after being fed up waiting on my work upgrading my blackberry.