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In Topic: If We Dont Win 3-0 Or More, Do A Dare

Today, 18:57

I will wear an England top to the away game in Dublin.

In Topic: Darren Fletcher

Today, 16:41

Anya for me. Head and shoulders above anyone else on the park.

He might have got it if he could finish one of the many chances he had!

In Topic: Whiskey

Today, 13:20

Try a Macallan Whisky :ok:

In Topic: Hat -Trick Hoodoo

Today, 07:21

The NI game was a good warm up for this game. They defended well and McGovern had a few good saves. Gibraltar will be far easier to break down and I expect us to get a few goals. If Rhodes starts he will be our best bet for a hat-trick. As long as we win comfortably I will be happy :ok:

In Topic: Other Teams

Yesterday, 20:21

Georgia v Germany - Draw
ROI V Poland - Draw
Scotland 10 Gibraltar 0