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In Topic: George Square

Yesterday, 18:13

STV news were keen to point out that they were loyalists and they certainly seem to be according to the footage I've seen.

In Topic: New National Anthem For Euro2016 Ties

Yesterday, 17:13

Rugby, a dead sport in Scotland played and watched by (mostly) utter kunts.


That's a bit of a sweeping generalisation!  Grew up watching rugby and football on TV with my Dad.  The atmosphere at Murrayfield can be electric.


Oh aye - and my cousins weren't too shabby at it when I was growing up.  Made the Scotland B Squad at the time.....

In Topic: National Anthem

Yesterday, 17:11

I honestly don't see how I could sing it.  Rise and be a nation again??  Not this time round so it certainly would ring hollow to me.


What about just chanting 'Scotland, Scotland' over whoever they get to sing it?

In Topic: Iron Horse. Georgia Game - Pre & Post Match.

18 September 2014 - 05:35 PM

ha ha ha.


I remember the upper circle bouncing about 3 feet at a Status Quo gig. I was convinced it was coming down !


Even weirder when you were up in the circle feeling it move - speaking of which I was in the front row of the dress circle at the Kings Theatre last year for a play based on the Bay City Rollers.  It was clearly bouncing during the encore and I was actually holding on to the metal bar just in case it came down.

In Topic: Iron Horse. Georgia Game - Pre & Post Match.

17 September 2014 - 08:33 PM

In all seriousness.....

Was in the Iron Horse for a game in the last campaign. Stood downstairs and the ceiling at the back was bouncing up and down far more than any ceiling should ever be moving due to fans upstairs jumping around. Something needs to be done about that as it's a horribly tragic accident waiting to happen.

How often do public buildings get inspected structurally etc because I'm amazed this place is allowed to open after what I saw that day.


I take it you are too young to remember gigs at the Apollo........ :guitar: