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In Topic: 2 Months Since The Vote

20 November 2014 - 11:18 PM




me too :)


Not a sticker, but put 'Still' above the Yes on my badge. Have it up on the fridge, but meeting a Unionist next week that I ken so may well stick it on for then.

In Topic: 2 Months Since The Vote

20 November 2014 - 06:37 PM

I'm yes and I cannot see that view changing until independence happens. I have no idea how I formed that view, but even back when I was 8 or 9 (the Olympics was on, Barcelona) and always wondered why we weren't there and never felt anything of pride or that it was my country in seeing Christie win the gold or GB winning medals. Maybe brainwashed from a mad teacher as my parents weren't actively political, but I doubt I'll ever change my opinion in that Scotland should be an independent country.



There's a lot of folk like Watsonians out there. They don't care for more powers, some would even take the parliament away - we'll never win them over. They are British nationalists. They'll never be swooned from that position, much like I won't from being a Scottish nationalist.



Scotland will be independent. We were 200,000 odd votes away from it in September. The post-referendum days were horrendous, but certainly there is hope again and light at the end of it all.



The British state is pardon món French, but fucked, long-term. The SNP should now fight for a 'Devo Max referendum' - polls have shown most of us want this, the Brits won't give anything at all like that to us.  Add in an EU exit, UKIP success, Labour being utterly hopeless.


The task now for the SNP is to focus on govering as well as they have can moving on from the referendum.



It'll all come crashing down soon enough. 


And we'll win the next ein.


Scotland will be an independent country.

In Topic: Alexander Elliot Salmond

20 November 2014 - 12:49 AM

He turned Scotland from a ''och, ye cannae'' to ''aye, we mibbae'' type o' place.


Wee Nicky will finish the ''Fuckin', right we can'' job.


I was mid teens when the parliament came back. I didn't read enough about it, but I seen Connery, Salmond, Dewar, Galloway (he was big back then) all championing it.


Anyhoos, it came. It was pretty shite. We had a few muddles not fiddles, and apart from the smoking law - what else did we do?


SNP won in 2007 by 1 single vote. Not seat, but vote! What a contrast system from FPTP.


Anyhoos, the name change alone was enough to believe - the Scottish executive to the Scottish Government.


People like him. His opinion poll after poll rating prove this, people like the SNP.


He has done an amazing job.


From moving a minority govt (and cause) to the natural choice of government. Those god damn 'proud' Jocks, will vote  yes next time, I'm so sure.


I know it wasn't him or the SNP, but all the No voters I met spouted him, so he deserves some credift for us hipster, left, yes voters..




With absolute no powers, no influence, no credability - we are basically a Swedish county council, we have no proper infuence on the world (unlike what we may think we do), our only reason as a football team is due to history.



As for Alex - our first president.


In Topic: Alexander Elliot Salmond

19 November 2014 - 10:11 PM

An absolute legend.

In Topic: Anyone Still Want To Reinstate This As A Regular Match?

19 November 2014 - 08:07 AM

Not at all.


Next time hopefully we meet will be in a tournament and if we don't ever qualify or meet them in a tournament, I'd be happy to never see them play England again.