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Not seen it, but thought I'd post in here as see my 2 fellow SNP avatars are posting to.

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Man City







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SNP 47 Labour 27 Tories 16 Libs 3


Yes 48 No 45.

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09 December 2014 - 11:52 PM

You don't need an MSP to organise but we had to pre-book to attend FMQ a few months ago. Don't know about attending a run of the mill debate though. It was a great experience anyway, we were lucky because my mate's Dad is actually an MSP who gave us a guided tour and showed us some of the areas the tourists don't get to see B). You also have to go through an airport style security check before you go in. All in all it is well worth seeing
It's an absolutely breathtaking building and a great day out. You'll enjoy it. :ok:




It's a great day out and the tour guide was fantastic. I went a few years back in 2007 and they discussed everything from the history of the building, Miralles, Scottish history, and that historic win in 2007.


It was free as well.