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In Topic: New Flag For New Zealand

Today, 15:48

Doesn't the winner then go head to head against the current one in a Referendum?


I think so.


I quite like all of them. I'd go for second or fourth.


Although judging from NZ Herald, Stuff and media sites over there - many people don't seem to want the change.

In Topic: Georgian Beer

Today, 14:34

Generosity is never deid :lol:



In Topic: New Flag For New Zealand

Today, 13:52

Down to four.CNxwZb7UkAADv7r.jpg

In Topic: Bbc & Gaelic

Today, 11:06

I wish I'd learnt a bit more Gaelic from friends when I was at uni.  it's a beautiful language.  As posters here have pointed out the argument that no one else speaks it is not much of an argument, not many people outside of Wales speak Welsh, not many people outside Ireland speak Irish Gaelic.  I can't remember which manufacturer it was but a few years back it was nice to see some recognition with 'Alba' on the jersey.


It's never too late to learn some.


Sabhal Mor Ostaig - the Gaelic college do some online, weekend courses. Plus LearnGaelic.net is really useful. Even if you don't want or plan to be fluent, can definitely learn a few basics from that site alone - and say a few sentences.

In Topic: One Year On.

Today, 11:03

I ken a No now Yes voter too. We tried everything to shift him yet now says he would vote yes, as ''they've not gave us any new powers''.


Frustrating as hell, but at least he's on board for the next one. 100% yes he says now. Och well.


Does anyone know anyone gone the other way - Yes to No?