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In Topic: Talk Shite

Yesterday, 13:15

Talksport is pretty rank.


Since the switch to 24hr sport it's a lot poorer. Who wants to hear endless transfer talk? Or the same interviews repeated about 5 times throughout the day. There is to be a talkSPORT2 (can you imagine how bad that'll be, the Micky Quinn and Matt Holland Power Hour!), but talkradio is coming back - so that could be decent.


Even H and J are going through the motions/money for old rope. Still the best thing on the station though.


I quite like the 2 Mikes though - it's a lot of shite and Parry is quite clearly a compulsive liar, (he's starting to get caught out with his stories that he's told in this segment, and now he's on 4 days a week), but it can be mildy amusing - good to drift off to or exercise too and not listen to.


Graham quite clearly doesn't give two hoots about sport either. He thought the Europa Games tomorrow were league formats.


Whale could be a knob at times, but him and Ash were great, Ian Collins was alright as well. The non-stop sport format is too much especially at times like now when there is nothing going on, or what is going on e.g Wimbledon - they don't have enough experts to talk about it.


The 10pm and through the night slot could be excellent listening at times on nightshift, and not just the madcap callers, but you would get some pretty interesting people and discussions. Who wants to hear Ian Taylor or some journeyman Villa player who called in to Breakfast in a repeated interview with his views on Sherwood and Wilkins??


Saturday's Warm Up is funny though. Perfect just once a week as anymore it may well wear thin, but Vaughan clearly has no interest or liking for any of the TS elite - and reguarly takes the micky out of Quinn, Brazil, Durham, and TS in general. He's filled in for Murray and Breakfast a few times too - and love his disregard for everyone.



In Topic: Heat Wave

Yesterday, 12:58

How did Britain ever have an empire?


An inch of snow in the winter and a few days of heat in the summer, and it's chaos.

In Topic: Wimbledon 2015

30 June 2015 - 11:29 PM

Suppose he did enough to get through, but the Kazakh lad was 30-0 at 6-5, and he seemed to overcook a few shots at key times. Looked a very good player and if he kept his cool certainly could have taken Murray to five sets. Job done for Murray though.


Fairly enjoying it and not really a tennis fan. Andrew Castle is hilarious in a fud way, I've checked his Twitter and seems he can take a joke, so fair dues to him, - he just rattles on and on when probably silence would be a better option, he was asking his co-commentator about Fifty Shades of Grey at somepoint today and then blethering on about McIlroy when Wozinacki was on.


I seen a Slovenian guy named Kavcic (sp)? earlier and he looked really good, but I don't have a scoobie as he's apparently 10/1 for his next game!

In Topic: Edinburgh Airport (Again)

29 June 2015 - 07:07 AM

Came in via Edinburgh last night.


Place was very busy which is very good, but what a shambles. 4/5 flights to a baggae carriage - our flight arrived at 11, and by 11.09 the screen was saying something along the lines of 'Baggage delivered. Go to Menzies courier (across from domestic arrivals) for baggage''. Get there and the boy was excellent, but told me 'it's probably not even been put on the belt yet' then chatted away for a bit and was told the queues are regularly outside the door in the mornings, and he doesn't know how half the stuff that goes on gets through ''H and S''.


£12.90 too in car parking from fannying around waiting for bags. So at least they'll have made a bit of cash from it all.

In Topic: Thank You Ireland

19 June 2015 - 04:11 PM


I have one that I can send you but don't want any money for it. 


Thank you very much. I'll PM you.