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In Topic: Lewandowski ....5 In 9 Minutes !

Yesterday, 18:34

Twice 3rd on World Cup and qualified for a fair number of big tournaments recently (with no success once qualified though). Produced good number of great players Deyna, Lato, Lubanski, Boniek, Warzycha, Smolarek, Tomaszewski, Lewandowski etc. plus bunch of guys that we have now playing in decent leagues and clubs

Always could be better of course but could be worse either. We will see where this team will takes us.

We suffer from lack of funds in national football league for sure and there is a sense of underachievieng overall but is not that big as you would expect.


Thanks for the information. 


Whatever happened to Olisadabe (spelling)? I remember in the Japan/Korea World Cup and looked a great player in that tournament. 

In Topic: Lewandowski ....5 In 9 Minutes !

Yesterday, 16:54

Taking this way off topic, and definitely not fishing, but Poland have to be one of the biggest underachieving football nations in the world.


A massive, football mad population who often fail to qualify for championships.


Although they seem to have found a very decent side now.  I think they'll qualify for the Euros and probably beat us tomorrow, but it'll be interesting to see how they do against Romania, Switzerland, Belgium, etc next year.

In Topic: Final Two Games - Your Predictions.

Yesterday, 16:46

I'm sorely tempted to put some cash on a double win (Ireland win/draw) at 13/8 to soften the blow of not qualifying, but knowing our luck Germany will win and we'll lose tomorrow. 


Tomorrow will be very nervy I think and I think we'll start very cautiously. Strachan won't go hung-ho and if for example, it's 0-0 at Hampden and Germany are 2-0 up, I think we'll end up playing for the draw and seeing how Sunday goes. 


I think tomorrow may well end up a draw in both games. 


Notice the Poles are now faves with Bet365. We started the week in that position.

In Topic: Lewandowski ....5 In 9 Minutes !

04 October 2015 - 04:34 PM

He's going to score against us.


Fantastic player.

In Topic: Final Two Games - Your Predictions.

04 October 2015 - 04:32 PM

Scotland 1 Poland 2

Ireland 1 Germany 2


Poland 2 Ireland 0

Gibraltar 0 Scotland 2