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In Topic: Who Voted Yes & No

Yesterday, 23:41

I've always felt a majority of Scots born folk voted yes.


The church figures don't surprise at all. The earners do.


The age demographics are very interesting and positive for the future.

In Topic: Paxman: Cameron V Miliband

Yesterday, 21:35

Count Billy Bob Thornton.

In Topic: Paxman: Cameron V Miliband

Yesterday, 20:38

Cameron feeling the pace already.

In Topic: Los Angeles

Yesterday, 00:53

Spent 3-4 days in LA about 4 years ago coming home from NZ.


I wasn't expecting much, had heard about Hollywood being a shithole and the size of city/public transport being poor.


A very pleasant surprise. Like mentioned, it's a super city of smaller cities/towns and many of the attractions are all over the city. We didn't hire a car as it was too short, but I think getting a car is probably a good idea - although the traffic look horrendous during rush hour and day time.


Stayed in West Hollywood - lots of nice restaurants, cafes, liberal, arty, gay area.


Check out the film studios for a tour, if you're a film/TV buff. Went on a tour with Universal Studios and was excellent value for money and insight into the film industry. There are tons of opportunities to go see TV shows being recorded as well. Tickets are free and you can check the websites to apply. I think sitcoms record for 8-9hrs so that could be a lengthy day. We went to see Jay Leno's program and all in all it was about 2hrs. An interesting experience.


Downtown looked pretty dodgy in certain areas. It seems though that they are renovating it and a friend I know has told me tons of hipsters and yuppies are moving there to loft-apartments so it's possibly the in place now.


Walk from Venice Beach to Santa Monica - it's a nice walk and you'll see a bunch of characters and the gradual change in people too from chilled out stoners to reaching Santa Monica and more yuppies.


Didn't spend enough time there to fully explore, but sure you'll have a nice time. I'd love to go back and see even just places like Malibu, the Valley, and up to Santa Barbara.




In Topic: Lets Keep Some Perspective

Yesterday, 00:39

Nice post.


I only seen bits of the game inbetween getting ready for work, but it looked like we were fairly solid. We look comfortable on the ball as well. My only concern is we don't seem to be able to create enough clear chances up front.


We are a decent side, if we could finish and create a little bit more in the attacking areas, we would be a very good team.


Gibraltar is a perfect chance to grab a few goals.


Forsyth did very well in the glimpses I saw.  I can't ever recall seeing Gordon or McGregor make a save.


Whilst tonight was not perfect. We won. We played alright in a mix-match side. Kept a clean sheet. We keep the momentum and high spirits around the side going simply by winning tonight.


I'd love to see us get a few goals on Sunday.


We're getting there, nice and steady.