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In Topic: Indyref2

Today, 16:35

I think Rossy's right.


SNP should focus on governing decent in Scotland, sit in and be constructive with the crubs from Smith, whilst fighting the GE for more devolution (devo max if you wish).


Basically heid doon and power on. It's a pretty exciting time and those polls are spectacular, but we all know it'll be very very tight in May and Labour have some massive majorities to be over-turned.


Put a new referendum on the back burner for now, but circumstances change dramatically, and there is no such thing as a settled will of any nation - so we could well have one in the future if something dramatic like Britain leaving the EU happens, further strained relations between the regions etc.

In Topic: Ireland's Preliminary Squad

Today, 16:29

There's nothing between the squads. Even if ours hasn't been released yet.


It'll be a tight game. All this crowing  about players, squads could well bite us on the arse like it did with Wales a few years ago.

In Topic: Holyrood Voting Intentions

Today, 14:44



it beggars belief that nayone is still voting for Labour. meh.


It seems that under 30% is the "my grandfaither voted Labour" hardcore vote.

In Topic: Ireland's Preliminary Squad

Yesterday, 17:10

What's the latest on Cyrus Christie? I'm surpriesed O'Neill hasn't tried to call him up.

In Topic: Stv: Snp Would Win 54 Seats At Westminster

Yesterday, 16:06

Unbeliveable. Not going to happen and I think if they can at least double their MPs - it's a good campaign. If they could get anything more than 20 it would be extra ordinary.


I think Kennedy will keep his Lib seat.


Imagine Sarwar, Mags, Murphy, Alexander all oot the door in May! :-))