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In Topic: Mcgeady And Mccarthy

Today, 19:33

Coleman is twice the player Hutton is.


McCarthy-Brown is difficult. Both are excellent players.


McGeady not seen enough recently, but always felt he was overated with a poor final ball..

In Topic: Irish Thinking They Will Have A Massive Support At Parkhead

Today, 18:21

Several have. More players from the South have played for the North than the other way around - Dinny Hannon, Bill Lacey, Patsy Gallagher, Ed Brookes, Mick O'Brien, Frank Collins, Tom Farquharoson, Christy Martin, Jimmy Dunne, Harry Duggan, Peter Kavanagh, Jimmy Kelly, Alex Stevenson, Paddy Moore, Tommy Breen, Tom Davis, Kevin OFlanagan, Johnny Carey, Owen Madden, Bill Hayes, Bill Gorman, Paddy Farell, Mat OMahoney, Ned Weir, Billy Walsh, Davy Walsh, Tom Aherne, Peter Farrell, TomEglington, Con Martin, Jackie ODriscoll, Rory Keane & Reg Ryan


How many since let's say the 1900s?

In Topic: Irish Thinking They Will Have A Massive Support At Parkhead

Today, 16:59


Yeah both are true along with Alan Maybury.

Contrary to popular belief very few people in the Republic of Ireland support Celtic. We'd all watch them on Wednesday night if they played Barcelona but that's about the extent of. We all feel indifferent towards them with a lot slightly embarrased by how our national flag has been hijacked by their fans to deliver a particular political stance.

The Irish who'll be travelling to Glasgow will have very little in common with the Celtic fans in Glasgow.


That's almost word for word what he would say about Celtic. I'm sure he's even said that Barcelona on a Wednesday night thing too.


He's a Shells and Liverpool fan with a very, very nothing more than softly soft spot for Dundee Utd (formely Hibs) rather than Celtic when it comes to the SPL. He even made the mistake of saying he liked 'Dundee' when over here to my Arab(Utd) supporting mate.

In Topic: Irish Thinking They Will Have A Massive Support At Parkhead

Today, 16:52

Northern Ireland effectively choose to select players exclusively from Northern Ireland be they Catholic, Protestant or whatever religon. For some reason they don't call up players from the south...probably due to the large number who would reject their advances.

The Republic of Ireland call up players form all creeds and its up to the player whether he wants to play for the south or north. Many Catholics have opted for the north. Fecked up is right ha!


Interesting. I didn't know that Northern Ireland could call up players from the Republic.


Amazed Michael O'Neill hasn't looked in to this, considering he has called up quite a few English, Scottish players. Although you would imagine he'd be picking at the bit part players not wanted by Eire - surely, a few would be interested? In getting international football, further their profile, a possible move and considering how well NI have started their campaign, even get to a major finals!


I think a few players have done it - Alex Bruce, and don't know if he was capped but Shane Ferguson was linked from NI to Eire, but opted for NI.


Fascinating stuff.

In Topic: Irish Thinking They Will Have A Massive Support At Parkhead

Today, 11:50


Maybe it's a myth, but an Irish pal told me that he was a big Rangers fan. He was probably winding me up! He mentioned a few ex Irish players were - can't recall the name, but someone who played for Millwall - not Johnny Giles (haha, nae chance of that I'd hazard at guess).


Apologies for the bump.


Sent my Irish pal an e-mail, and he replied


"Kerr im sure is defo a Rangers man. Another one is Richie Saddlier i'm sure others too but dont remember just now. Dont know if they are true fans or do it to wind up the celtic fans in ireland but both have talked in the press here about it"