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In Topic: Signed Up To The Cause?

Yesterday, 22:38

According to the lassie i spoke to when i joined any newsletter will be sent by email to keep costs down.It will also be a while before we get our membership cards etc as theres been a few new members. :-))




I was hoping to have a Scottish passport by 2016, but I'll settle for my SNP card by then. Even with backlog. ;)

In Topic: ** Official 'new Powers Timetable **

Yesterday, 16:07


According to Alan Trench, Devo Max is off the table and was never on it






OK, so who said you'd get Devo Max if you voted no? Was it (just) David Dimbleby? (and by implication, Gordon Brown for not correcting him?)


So... either the No side was misleading, or the BBC was (or both) - which is it? 



Rory Stewart said on QT from Kelso last Thursday "Scotland will get devo max. No ifs, no buts"

In Topic: Unionist C***s Embarrass Scotland

Yesterday, 13:19

Plenty of knobs booing him Thursday at opening ceremony.

I finally snapped with one of them.


Good on you.


Did they say anything back?


My pal kept getting looked at for still wearing his Yes badge - just sniding wee looks on a train and the 5th time the person kept turning to clock his badge, he asked them what the problem was.


Silence and ''Nothing'' was the reply.

In Topic: The Cringe In Reverse

28 September 2014 - 03:43 PM

I would normally wear my Scotland fleece to go and watch my son play football (In Norwich) - Today I (Couldn't) didn't.


I will get past this but by god it's hard.


I've no idea how I will feel in Warsaw in a little over 3 weeks.


Just my view - Not everyone's I accept.


This is exactly how I am feeling.


I went to Arbroath yesterday and seen tons of boats in the harbour with the Saltire and many with Yes flags as well. I just felt a bit deflated, I think I even spoke a loud ''FFS'' every few minutes.


Without sounding like a tool, it's almost like I am and I imagine many of us are in grieving.


Anger, tears, denial, etc, now on to apathy, but joined the SNP so not willing to give it all up at all.

In Topic: Daily Mail Today

28 September 2014 - 11:21 AM

I saw labour is spinning the SNP stance on bombing ISIS. as "playing juvenile politics", what total fuckwittery.


If the SNP said the sky was blue, Labour would disagree.


All they ever mention is the SNP. They are the jilted wife/hubby who can't get over that Scotland left them in 2007, 2011 and if you seen that YouGov poll, looks like a 16% win again for the SNP in 2016 (another increased majority).


They took Scotland for granted and the people although still sceptical about independence it seems, trust and like the SNP far more than Labour.


Even what 8 years on - all they can talk about is the SNP.


Really hopeful we seen a lot of their core vote going SNP, SSP and Greens in 2016 - depending on Calman part II goes, and if it is indeed lack lustre and the odd bit here, odd bit there. We could be looking at a large SNP with them the Greens increasing their lot and hopefully the SSP having a half dozen MSP back in the parliament too.