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In Topic: Signed Up To The Cause?

Today, 15:36

Jim Traynor parody account tweet has made it to Newsweek!




:-)) :-))  Tremendous.


I did fall for it too yesterday. Still. :-)) :-))

In Topic: Devo Max

Today, 12:19


I think you'll find THEY did. Did you not read any of the papers in the fortnight before the referendum?


Didn't Broon himself even say those exact words or ''Home Rule'' in that Dimbleby interview the night before the ref too?

In Topic: Andy Murray Says Yes

Today, 08:26

BBC at it again with the headline of ''Murray regrets Indyref tweet fall out''




How bout asking Bowie, Beckham and the various others who supported No.

In Topic: The Scottish Rugby Team.

Yesterday, 21:09

You are right, folks.


I don't actively follow Rugby or have much of an interest really, I couldn't tell you who was better between Edinburgh or Glasgow at the moment or where either side reached in the European Cup or if that tournament has even began, and I have decided not to focus on negativity or bitterness.  It can do your mind no good long term.


So good luck to them, but I won't be watching, but I'd rather focus my energy on something else, but I wish them no harm and the lads both no/yes who support them, and warm wishes to you all.

In Topic: Sunday Herald

Yesterday, 20:34

Aye, same here with the Herald.


I bought a Sun today - don't think I'll be buying it often, but just out of general interest to see what they were saying.


My folks have ditched their Courier and Sunday Post.  "I only ever realy read the births, deaths and marriages on a Monday anyway. I´ll no miss it" or there abouts were her words.