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In Topic: Andrew Marr

Today, 07:07

A simpering BBC toady whank of the highest order. Up there with Nick Robinson and Jackie Bird as the most vile and loathsome khunts in the media. Little ba$tards like him are only in a job due to their slavish adherence to whatever hideous BBC bollocks is being pushed at anyone time. I would like to see rats like this on trial along side the scumbags they enable. The clip above on his war criminal hero Tony Blair tell you all you need to know about this thing masquerading as a journalist.


After watching match of the day on a sunday morning I occasionally allow the opening credits of his 'show' to run where he rides his scooter into work (aye right on sure you do you two faced prick) in the vain hope he gets obliterated under the wheels of an artic.


A smarmy rat.

You are not keen on him, are you?

In Topic: Caley Thistle Show Celtic How To Behave

Yesterday, 19:02

Totally agree with the stance ICT have taken over this.

Get the player told in no uncertain terms

Make it public that it is not going to be accepted

Apologise to the other club involved

Job done! :ok:

In Topic: Womans Football

Yesterday, 18:42

Well done to the Women's national team. :ok: Hopefully they should qualify for their 1st ever finals now.

If the blokes are going to keep f u cking things up, then I will be happy to give the girls my support for the Netherlands in 2017.

In Topic: Western Bombs Will Fill Isis With Joy

28 November 2015 - 11:09 PM

Much nearer the truth than we are getting from our MSM, I suggest?



In Topic: Western Bombs Will Fill Isis With Joy

28 November 2015 - 09:59 AM

The ideology of ISIS developed over centuries before any western bombing, before 9/11, before Iraq. If you give them space and time to plot they will attack the West .i.e us, you, your family.

Al Qaeda is a very diminished force due to it being hounded and its operatives attacked. Same thing needed for ISIS.

Aye, so innocent families being bombed over there in the search for terrorists who they can't find is just one of those things then?