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Took advantage of Ryanair's €2 each way offer during the week for me and the good lady.    Going mid-January Sun-Tue.


Is the bus from Treviso airport the best way to get to Venice itself?    Have only used this airport as a hub for Scotland games before but seen a fair few buses - as well as public transport. 


Highly rated hotel is booked next to the square so will be very central.


Venice seems pretty much like the best tourist trap ever.  Not too bothered with that - quite keen on stoating about for the two days.


Apart from the top-end touristy stuff, is there anything off the beaten path that would be interesting?


I've been to Venice around 20 years ago, but spent most of my time in newsagents going through every Italian newspaper trying to find out Thistle's Intertoto results.  Never really got into the culture then!


Partick Thistle - Debt Free

13 November 2015 - 07:52 PM

Hope Brown McMaster was well enough to hear the news before he passed away recently.   He was our chairman during Save the Jags and this day was only a pipe-dream.


Not sure what this means for the playing side of things, if we can offer better cash or god forbid, pay a transfer fee!




Also, at long last,  we're getting live commentary of the games :ok:

Same System Next Campaign, Same Players Probably

10 November 2015 - 05:39 PM


"I hope there's a young superstar out there. Our system will probably be the same, unless two or three players develop who are magnificent. But I can't see that on the horizon so we go with what we have done."




Can't say I'm thrilled with that, but at least he has an open mind on a few things.


We really need more cutting edge up front.   We should be battering teams like Georgia and being able to see games out when a goal to the good.


It's easy to say that, but it's something we should be working on if things are going to be the same.

Oil Discovery Bonanza

08 November 2015 - 10:00 PM

Nothing negative here for the state broadcaster to report on?




https://www.google.c...k North Sea Oil


They do love a good negative story.



Bbc Sport

03 October 2015 - 01:05 PM

Have they completely disregarded the lower divisions in Scotland? *

Not one match preview for games outwith the Premiership - including The Rangers.


They, of course, have previews for games in the English Premier, Championship, League One, League Two and Women's Super League 1.


It appears they don't even have the staff to respond to Facebook comments either.   


The sooner we get our own public broadcaster, the better.   I'd hope Off The Ball jump ship as it's one of the only decent things on the BBC.



* Aye, I'm thinking about next season already :lol: