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In Topic: Teenage Millionairess

Yesterday, 17:16

Eh no. How was I meant to know her age?

In Topic: Pdc World Championship

Yesterday, 16:59

I think it is too early for Bunting to win it, but he might be worth a wee punt in the early rounds. Anderson - hmm depends which Gary turns up. He's rather fond of a few libations, allegedly.

In Topic: Teenage Millionairess

Yesterday, 16:44

C'mon guys. You know the rules

In Topic: Drink Drive Limit To Be Lowered In Scotland

Yesterday, 10:15

Useful guide to units:-


Spirits (40%) - 25ml  - 1 unit

                      - 35ml  - 1.4 units


Lager/ beer (4%) - pint - 2.3units

Bottled beer (5&) -330ml - 1.65 units


Wine (12%) - 187ml bottle - 2.2units

                    70cl bottle      - 8.4units

In Topic: Rangers In Crisis

17 December 2014 - 04:22 PM

That will fair swell the coffers at £0.75 for every £100 sold  :yikes3: