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In Topic: Fao - Bosses

Yesterday, 23:56

You really live up to your username, well the last two  three syllables at least.


Edited due to bad (drunken) maths

In Topic: Scottish Players Summer Transfer Rumours

Yesterday, 23:50

Chicago was a pension fund. Easy money.

In Topic: Atp World Tour 2015

Yesterday, 15:48

Andy Murray to play "Aussie bad boy" Kyrgios in US Open

In Topic: Non Celtic Fans

Yesterday, 15:20

Meant Premiership

In Topic: Non Celtic Fans

Yesterday, 15:16

I was speaking to Dennis Bridgeford, chairman of Clach on Saturday and he was desperate for them to qualify as the money they get a huge (for their standard).


Does the CL money filter down as far as the Highland League? Surprised to hear that. I know SPFL teams benefitted.