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In Topic: Dortmund Hotel Available (Saturday And Sunday Night)

Yesterday, 15:35

If you read it again, he is not asking for double the price. he is asking for what he paid. Why should he offer it at a slashed rate?

In Topic: Sky's Deadline Day Coverage

Yesterday, 14:56

He probably watched the Dundee game yesterday and thought " feck that" !

In Topic: Sky's Deadline Day Coverage

Yesterday, 14:08

How did he manage to fill five minutes with the Scottish transfer activity ? Not exactly jumping.

In Topic: With 8.3% Of The Population

Yesterday, 11:26

It also shows that we have an awful lot of Mamba !

In Topic: Travelling In A Kilt

Yesterday, 11:20

I would have thought that a sgian-dubh would be at total no-no with any airline