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In Topic: Snp Strategy - 2015 General Election

Today, 10:49

Nothing fishy about it. It is to do with the geographical boundaries of constituencies, and the variation in size of them. Central belt - high population density ; Highlands, Borders- low pop density. Couple this with traditional voting patterns and you get this apparent disparity.

In Topic: Further Claims Of A Fraudulent Count

Today, 09:57



yep. no official exit polls. why?



I am sure there would have been a lot of unofficial exit polling. Hoe accurate are exit polls in any case. As with all polls, they are dependent on people telling the pollster the truth.

In Topic: Lets Get A Grip

Today, 09:38

Well, don't go.

In Topic: The The Rangers V Hibernian

Today, 09:00

Of course the most glaring thing about it is that Hearts have been doing what Rangers should have done when they dropped to Div3.

It looks like they sat down and working out an operating model for the future which has started to work quickly, why did Rangers not do this?




That's the Craig Levine effect !   :whistling:

In Topic: Looking For A Match Ticket

Today, 08:47

There will be plenty available over there.  :ok: