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In Topic: Scotland Missed An Open Goal To End Finals Agony

24 November 2015 - 01:45 PM

It wasn't the defeat in tiblisi, it was the manner of the defeat. Not one shot at goal.


So dissapointing as three points would surely have gave us the momentum to go and get at least 3rd.


And we could've lost about 3-0 that night. Well beaten. Strachan saying we didn't deserve to lose afterwards was disappointingly untrue.

In Topic: New Strip Launch

24 November 2015 - 07:59 AM

How popular will the pink top be when be beat the auld enemy at Wembley on the way to qualifying for the World Cup


Hmm yes :shocked:

In Topic: New Strip Launch

23 November 2015 - 03:01 PM

£55 for a top is ridiculous


Yes it's a disgrace

In Topic: New Strip Launch

23 November 2015 - 02:15 PM

Ach it's not that bad. The home one could probably be better too but I do like the use of tartan on it.

In Topic: Scott Brown To Call It Quits?

23 November 2015 - 12:32 PM

A year ago I would have said this was ridiculous but now I wouldn't argue with brown being dropped for him


When was Brown's last good performance for us? Or Celtic for that matter!?