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Today, 19:00

I saw the last post was by Squirrelhumper and thought to myself, "a Killie player must have scored". :lol:

Haha me too!!

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Today, 12:39

Lewis Morrison (Killie) scored twice for Scotland U16s in a 2-2 draw with Slovenia in Zagreb.

Scotland won 6-5 on pens to win the the tournie.


Who did they play at the tournament?

In Topic: Gary Caldwell

Today, 11:45

To be honest I think that says more about you and your preconceptions about Caldwell than his actuall performances


Agreed. If he got fitter and back playing would happily see him back in the squad - We don't have a CB as good as he can be currently

In Topic: Scotland Players In Action

Today, 11:44

Lots of Scots pushing themselves into the frame with performances in the EPL, Europe, Championship and SPL of late.

Good to see :ok:

In Topic: Gary Caldwell

Yesterday, 22:08

He's nae as daft as he looks

Or as bad as some people make out! Level above the CB's we currently have