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In Topic: Rangers In Crisis

Today, 14:37

Remember the stink caused by some rangers fans when celtic supporters looked into the background of Craig Whyte.  At the time. no-one knew much about him, other than he was a Motherwell born gazillionairre, and a rangers die-hard.  The Record was writing about his off the radar wealth, and how he was going to turn rangers into a force again.

It didn't take much digging to find out that he was dodgy as hell.  But still, some rangers fans were convinced he was going to be their saviour.

Didn't they boycott, or march outside, the BBC for highlighting his past?


And this time, a guy is coming in - and everyone knows full well his past.  He was a director at the club when it sunk into admin, prior to liquidation.  He's a convicted tax fraud - only escaping jail by plea bargaining (or whatever the term is)


Yet some rangers fans groups are desperate to get him involved.  I can't really see why?

As Fairbarn said a while ago, if I was a rangers fans, I'd much rather that he wasn't a director - that the SFA don't pass him as a fit and proper person.  Aye, he can get his own directors in instead of him - but to me, that would be preferable to having him as a director again.


Interesting times ahead.  I don't think they'll get promoted this season.  But with a good clear out, and the return of the fan base, maybe they'll be able to start afresh again - and do what they should have done the last time.  Bring through good players, and build a team.  They'll have the money (assuming they pay off Ashley, and get crowds back up etc) to get some good players to have a decent squad.  But the Championship still won't be easy next season.

In Topic: Online Abuse Of Jay Beatty

Today, 12:01

Most folk did! Total borefest
Uncle Walter loved A(u)nti(e) football

In Topic: Online Abuse Of Jay Beatty

Today, 10:52

I fell asleep at a Verve concert in the Barrowlands

True story

In Topic: Teacher Struck Off...

Today, 07:08

Stinky Stables! I remember him, Inverurie Academy?

In Topic: Uk Children Suffered Sexual Abuse On An "industrial Scale"

Yesterday, 21:17

Dunno how he thinks threatening to jail social workers will help protect kids

Support and resources is what's required I reckon