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In Topic: Europa League Final - Seville V Dnipro Predictions

Yesterday, 17:28

Darren Mackie to score the winner with a diving header

In Topic: Orange Walk

Yesterday, 14:50

I imagine we can learn a lot from the good people of Donegal who positively embrace  Orangism as part of the very fabric of their history.

Whit?! Don't know what khunts you know from Donegal - but I've for family over there and they certainly don't 'embrace' orangism!

Donegal council, for example, is all Republican I think? Pretty sure all their TD's are as well

In Topic: Leaked Memo

Yesterday, 11:22

Found this: https://www.indiegog...rmichael#/story


When was the last time the public took their MP to court?


Half their tally already raised, in 1 day!

In Topic: Cast - Live In Alloa

Yesterday, 11:19

Aye, I see Shed Seven are also playing down here soon..... and the Bluetones (though I can only remember about 3 of their songs) - I went to see them in Aberdeen about 18 years ago!

In Topic: Cast - Live In Alloa

Yesterday, 11:11

Ah ok - great, I might try and go along to at least 1 of them


edit:  just checked, it's £32 for Happy Mondays tickets, £22 for Black Grape..... Black Grape it is then!