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In Topic: The Missing

Today, 08:47

Without giving anything away, I'm seeing some tweets saying that the ending was piss poor and badly written.
Thoughts, please. Is it worth me downloading and watching?

Definitely worth watching.
The ending was a bit disappointing for me, but not particularly because it was poorly written, just because it was a bit... frustrating I think!

In Topic: The Fall

Today, 06:35

I've watched it all the way through, really enjoyed it


Gillian Anderson.  Wid

In Topic: Mccoist Resigns

Yesterday, 12:14

McCoist doomed to be Rangers manager for all eternity

AFTER unsuccessfully resigning, Ally McCoist has admitted that he has no idea how he can stop being Rangers manager.

An emotional McCoist handed in his notice only to be informed by grinning colleagues that hed received a pay rise and a better parking space.

He said: It was always going to be a very tough decision to quit the club I love, but I presumed it would be tough emotionally not logistically.

Ive tried being Rangers manager and Ive tried not being Rangers manager and the two things are essentially the same.

Even death will be no escape, they will find a way to trap my spirit in a jar.


In Topic: Coalition Scenarios

Yesterday, 07:18

Angus Robertson would be leading the SNP at Westminster.

And leader of the opposition!

In Topic: Best Films You Have Seen In 2014

17 December 2014 - 04:51 PM

I really liked "The 100 Year Old Man who Climbed out the Window and Disappeared",  although I don't think it was a "blockbuster".  Swedish film - very offbeat and funny....


I've read the book and thought it was quite good - quite a lot goes on to cram into a film though!