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In Topic: And Another Labour Disaster

Today, 10:30

Just on Morning Call there saying she won't stand, but she hopes "Kez puts herself forward" :rolleyes:

Ah well, I think Kez is a shoo-in, regardless of leader then (is Deputy appointed the same way?)

Don't know all that about her - media seem to portray her as the great white hope, based on what I'm not sure. She came across reasonably sensible on some of the debates, but nothing more than that.
She looked a bit of an idiot greeting on the Daily Mail about nasty cybernats. Didn't the BBC try to give her her own show before the Indyref? Before someone pointed out that that might be taking tier bias a bit far!

In Topic: Looks Like Salmond Is Going To Have Some Fun

Today, 10:23


In Topic: And Another Labour Disaster

Today, 08:39

this has all been pre arranged...  Murphy, under orders from Milliband and Controlled by G Brown ...  watch for Kez Dugdale to be deputy in Holyrude and the BBC to have a love in with the two of them...

Mebbe.... but I wouldn't be surprised if Jenny Marra gets the gig instead of Kezia, seeing as she's part of Murphy's leadership campaign

In Topic: Stv: Snp Would Win 54 Seats At Westminster

Yesterday, 21:16

It's on page 6.
UKIP - 43%
CON - 30%
LAB - 21%
GRN - 3%
LIB - 3%


In Topic: Tonev The Racist

Yesterday, 21:10

Sellick have nothing to lose by appealing, so why not give it a go?
If he is found guilty again, and get rid of him, no-one will think there's a culture of racism at Celtic. Just like no one thought that of Liverpool with the Suarez thing
They're just rightly sticking by their asset, until proven that they shouldn't bother.
If there is evidence that he racially abused Logan, and none of us know who has made statements, and what was heard, then he should be punted back to his home club