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In Topic: Black Friday

Today, 09:21

Genuinely never heard of it before yesterday!
TV was full of adverts for it last night, utterly ridiculous
Pretty disgusting scenes in supermarkets this morning on the news, people rioting, pushing folk out the way, fighting to save a few quid on a TV

Consumers greed meets business greed

A black day indeed

In Topic: Rangers In Crisis

Yesterday, 20:26

@RichwilBBC: So, the long and short of the RIFC accounts - the business needs at least £8m in debt or equity financing to continue as a going concern, &

@RichwilBBC: that is based on several assumptions, including more regular ST sales, an increase in prices and rising income streams. Fresh funding is

@RichwilBBC: required in January. Permission will be sought from shareholders at the AGM for a share issue

In Topic: Rangers In Crisis

Yesterday, 10:05

Another brave comrade fallen. :(


Cheer up!  Plenty more to come out once Craigy gets to say his piece


"Free the 'Off the Radar' One"!!!!

In Topic: Rangers In Crisis

Yesterday, 08:33

Reported on the Beeb now:


In Topic: Smith Commission To Recommend Tax Powers

Yesterday, 08:13

Anyone seen the front page of the Daily Record - nearly killed myself laughing. What an utter joke of a paper