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In Topic: Scottish Constituency Polling Thread

Yesterday, 21:29

I'd love to see that arrogant wee turd Alexander lose his seat in Inverness.

Gun to my head, if I HAD to pick one Alexander to get rid of, I'd have to choose Doogie over Danny.

Getting rid of both of them is the stuff of dreams

In Topic: Holocaust Memorial And Learning Centre

Yesterday, 14:34

Why now?


70 years since the liberation of Auschwitz?

In Topic: 'coloured People'

Yesterday, 14:28

Thought this would turn into a multi pager with the PC brigade on here, people need to chill out,dont think i have ever heard any complaints from Caucasian people being referered to "white boy"


Have you ever heard the phrase "white boy" being used?!   :blink:

In Topic: 'coloured People'

Yesterday, 14:27


Coloured was definitely in use when I was growing up. I reckon the fact it just lumps all 'non-whites' together into one homogeneous group is what makes it offensive. 



Aye, I can see that actually.


However, BC was talking specifically about the lack of diversity in UK films, i.e. everybody is white.  So he is talking about the lack of non-white people - difficult (for me and my wee brain!) to see what other term he could/should have used.


I certainly don't think it would have went down well if had said "the lack of non-white actors"! And rightly so.


He should have phrased his sentence better, but I don't think he was being racist?

In Topic: Riquelme Retires

Yesterday, 13:00

Mind the Argentina goal at the 2006 World Cup, Cambiasso against Serbia & Montenegro I think. He controlled the tempo of the goal and everything good attacking wise about that team went through him.