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In Topic: Launch Of Pro-Independence Newspaper

Today, 12:19

Not a great start!

In Topic: Launch Of Pro-Independence Newspaper

Today, 08:24

The editor himself told us at The Hydro today.

Their marketing has been pretty poor - mainly word of mouth it seems.
Their website has nothing on it, rather than 'coming soon', likewise their twitter account

I tweeted them to ask if the 'aye' text was true, got no response, and couldn't find out anywhere what the price is for the 5day trial.
Eventually someone told me it's £1.50

I'll definitely give it a go, but wish they had done some decent marketing - they say the first 5 days are crucial for new publications, and so far we know not very much about this paper

In Topic: What Is A Fitting Punishment ?

Yesterday, 18:33

No Nintendo for a week and can only watch TV once he's done his homework unless there's a game on.


C'mon FFS.........


he's said he's sorry

In Topic: Rangers In Crisis

Yesterday, 17:35

are there any rules about clubs in administration being prevented from being promoted?

Think it's just a points deduction, no?

In Topic: Rangers In Crisis

Yesterday, 15:26


Are you stupid?
The club can afford the players wages based on ratio to turnover.


Unfortunately for rangers, wages to turnover isn't the only thing they have to worry about.  They've got plenty other expenses - any fool can see they've spent far too much on wages.

Of course it's not the only problem - but it was stupid.  Most rangers fans seem to recognise this


And clearly if the club is having to take emergency loans every few months to stay afloat they can't afford to waste money on wages that are higher than necessary