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In Topic: Union Jack Enters The Fray

Today, 09:30

It's truly a sight to behold to see how much their hatred of the SNP blinds them to any degree of rational thought. Most of us have been like that in relation to one thing or another at one time in our life ... Then we hit 18 years old.

In Topic: The Legendary Graham Parker

Yesterday, 12:06

Parker essentially came around in the mid '70s and was thrown in with members of the greatest pub rock bands in the country. It's been argued that his success led to the blossoming of the punk and new wave movements. Howlin' Wind, Heat Treatment and Squeezing Out Sparks saw him mentioned in the same tones as Springsteen and Dylan - Sparks especially is often mentioned in the 100 greatest albums ever lists. Springsteen has commented that Parker is the only artist he would pay to go see. He's much better, imo, than the man he paved the way for, Elvis Costello, but he refused to be bowed by record companies and they in turn refused to promote him leading to the scathing 'Mercury Poisoning'. From the 1980s he recorded on minor labels and produced some great, if often uneven albums i.e. Mona Lisa's Sister.


His lyrics are at times incredible, often filled with biting comments that led to him being called the Angry Young Man of British rock.

Take the first lines of the song below:


Crimson autographs, are what we leave behind

Everywhere, a man sets foot


In Topic: Freedom Square Rally

Yesterday, 11:52

As much as I love to see these types of rallies on TV, and they're great to go to too, I think at this point in the campaign I would question whether they're more useful than standing speaking to people in a town centre. Was out in Dalkeith today and the response was incredible - best I've ever seen. People normally just take a leaflet and pass on, but today they were telling you they had voted, or were voting, SNP. People of all ages too. Most of those with negative comments were older, but the older vote has definitely softened towards us on today's evidence. We can do this - I'm a happy man this afternoon.

In Topic: The Legendary Graham Parker

Yesterday, 08:55

At last, the Philistines are outnumbered lol. Will post a couple of pics and a video after I get back from campaigning.

In Topic: 3D Map Of Scotland

23 April 2015 - 08:59 PM

Maczek was the last surviving senior Allied soldier from WWII, living until he was 103. His story is pretty incredible, as is the story of the Poles in general. There have been two or three books about those that headed east during the war, but none about the journey west.


If you're interested in a good Scottish book about the Poles who made their way to Persia, and picked up a brown bear on the way, this is a decent read:

http://www.amazon.co...ords=aileen orr