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Today, 10:52

I actually think if we continue on like this (under Strachan) we'll get there eventually.

They say that for a airliner to fall out of the sky generally requires seven factors. Each on its own is pretty irrelevant, but add them up and you have a disaster. This is what happened to us. But unlike a doomed airliner, many of our factors were out of our hands, some were well within our hands.

First and foremost we should ha beaten Georgia. Simple, our fault.

Second, we had to win away from home. Georgia was the obvious one, but really, taking two points from Poland and Ireland was acceptable. We would have taken that in a heartbeat before the group started. Again though, this was in our hands.

Third was Germany dropping points to Poland and Ireland. Not at my laptop, but IIRC they dropped seven of their 12 points to these two teams. Fair play to Poland and Ireland they took their chances, but they're no better than us. This was more to do with German failings than Scottish ones.

Lastly, last second goals. I'm posting from memory here, but there's the obvious one against us, and Ireland I think took 5 or 7 points from late goals. Almost all of these being missed would have kept us in he tournament.

So there were many factors that knocked us out, but many of them were out with our control. A little bit of luck here or there and we'd have been right in this. The future feels sh!t, but actually it's not too bad based on the group we've just played in.

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Yesterday, 22:11

Lying next to a pool in Orlando. Sun's beating down, having a wee beer, having just spent the day at Universal. Should be one of the best days of my year but I feel utterly empty. When I saw the score I felt bad, then I saw a late equaliser and I felt terrible, then I saw the Germany result.

The Georgia result hurt us but Germany dropping points left, right and centre (except to us) was what really killed us. If they'd done what they usually do and swept through qualification, we'd still be in this.

In Topic: Watching Scotland In Florida

07 October 2015 - 11:57 AM

Also need somewhere a 12 year old can get in.

In Topic: Watching Scotland In Florida

07 October 2015 - 11:39 AM

So did this work out last year? Looking for somewhere to watch the Poland game in Orlando. Emailed a couple of places but no replies.

In Topic: Kids Wetting The Bed

03 October 2015 - 09:14 PM

That could back fire spectacularly!

A boy pished the bed at our BB camp and the bullying he took as a result must've been pretty horrible, he left shortly afterwards.

Kids can be very cruel!


True. We did try it for a two night trip, but worked with the school to manage the risk.