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In Topic: Sarah Smith

Today, 22:11

Her father, as I'm sure you know was a twisted Kunto also.

In Topic: Sarah Smith

Today, 22:09

Can I just say ( I may die in my sleep), I detest, hate, loathe despise, fukking hate the Tories and their lying patronising pish beyond anything else. Cameron is an utter Kunt, no quibbles, no debate, no argument. Kunto.

Thanks and nighty night.

In Topic: Sarah Smith

Today, 22:04

Aye I know, just jukking infuriating

In Topic: Devo Max Is Off The Table

Today, 18:13

Does the Scottish Parliament have the power to turn them down?

Maybe the people do.

In Topic: The General Vibe Of The Tamb

Today, 14:29

you are not looking close enough but as you say you don't read all the threads. You cant stand down now.

Are you for real ? (I know you like a wind-up but implying the use of Jew(presumably in an derogatory manner) is a pretty serious accusation). If you are still on the p-take I'd suggest taking a break.