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In Topic: Any Gib Fans Reading This?

Today, 19:04

Mostly Ex pats based in london, apparently.

Oh aye bring the Irish into it as well..

In Topic: Ulster Scot's Pals Write To Regan...

Today, 16:24

Is that a photoshop effort?

Yep think so.

In Topic: Who Voted Yes & No

Yesterday, 23:29

I don't think anyone is.
But the media will paint it as that anyway, or just make it up if they can't find evidence.
Genuine mainstream anti-Scottishness from down south in this GE campaign isn't reported in Scotland.
There is no pretence of an equal union any more, why should we tread on eggshells while they treat us as 2nd class.
F*ck them all.  F*ck the media, f*ck Westminster, f*ck the UK and f*ck the English/British establishment.

Aye indeed

In Topic: Question Time Tonight

Yesterday, 23:05


In Topic: Question Time Tonight

Yesterday, 23:00

Pretty sad that UKIP seem most sensible....