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In Topic: Jim Murphy

Yesterday, 17:16

Ah didn't get that.

In Topic: Jim Murphy

Yesterday, 17:08

When people stumble upon Mr. Campbell abusing people... Especially the general public, it discredits his otherwise decent work.

I dont tweet (if that is where the abuse happens) but the wings website seems fairly benign if somewhat robust at times.

In Topic: Jim Murphy

Yesterday, 16:57

Imagine if he upset the people who need to be upset... But without upsetting the people he shouldn't be upsetting.

I'm curious, how many people link folk directly to wings? Or do you relay his findings in your own words?

Who does he upset other than the politicos and "journalists" who deserve all they get ?

In Topic: Jim Murphy

Yesterday, 16:56

Only to me perhaps, but I thought I'd share ...

He certainly is not alone is miss-attribution, and its not important enough to stop one reading further ?

In Topic: Jim Murphy

Yesterday, 15:38

Does he still have that quote misattributed to Gandhi on the front page? I couldn't get beyond that ... did my head in. (I could just about cope with it when Lamia had it as her signature, but she wasn't making any claims of journalistic integrity).

Does it really matter ? Really ?