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Today, 00:40

Vaguely on topic: You know that daft Vulcan salute - the whole-hand V-flick?


I can do it dead easy with my left (non-dominant) hand, but can't do it at all with my right. The missus (one of those southpaw freaks) can do it with both, but finds it harder with her dominant left.


Is this a general rule?


Takes effort for me either hand (I even have to concentrate on the devil's horns at gigs too so they don't come up wrong :blush: :headbang: ), but had to give a Vulcan salute to Leonard. Especially after BremLG's video. RIP

In Topic: Edinburgh - Friday 13Th March

Today, 00:24


That pub refrused us in kilts during Edinburgh Festival a few years back.  Tourists in the pub argued to allow us in but to no avail.  Won't darken its door again.  f v c k them.


OK, I'm guessing the Grassmarket is a bit to close to the strip joints then and has some naughty stag nighters in there. I feel their pain, sorry Tam :-))

In Topic: Edinburgh - Friday 13Th March

26 February 2015 - 10:52 PM

Right, I'm no eastiebeastie so I may take a pasting here, but for out of towners... the Jekyll & Hyde. Then there's the White Hart in the Grassmarket and
 ...oh buggger ...the other place I was about to suggest (with great tap beer selection) appears to have gone. Told you I wasn't local :blush:

In Topic: Eva Bus Tickets Arrived To-Day

26 February 2015 - 10:39 PM

I'm coming from Lisbon via train...



for an extra tenner  each way you can do first class :cheers3:


So all us cool people will be coming down from Lisboa then :-))


I hope I'm still in a good mood after the Poland game :ok:

In Topic: Eva Bus Tickets Arrived To-Day

26 February 2015 - 10:34 PM

On second thoughts im going to tuck it into my passport.



Come departure day, I'd still be running around the house like a loony trying to remember where I'd stashed it.